Are You Ready For A Peaceful Journey?

Your Well-being is Important!

7 Weeks To Feel Great This Summer Without a Diet

July 9th - Aug 19th

ūüėē Are you tired of all of¬†the¬†rules,¬†challenges, bootcamps & intense pressure to live, eat & move in¬†a specific way?

ūüėē Do you delay action because of¬†confusing & conflicting¬†health advice¬†& feel overwhelmed not knowing where to start?

ūüėē Do you just want to love & accept yourself but feel like you are spiraling out of control and can't until you feel stable again?


Imagine If...

‚̧ Imagine if you stopped delaying your self-care¬†until you have more, time, money... or your life¬†circumstances are different.

What would be different?

‚̧ Imagine if you allowed yourself to live the life of your dreams free from¬†feeling like you¬†need to change or¬†justify yourself.

What would be different?

‚̧ Imagine if you wholeheartedly believed you are loved, accepted, valued and beautiful¬†EXACTLY AS YOU ARE!

What would be different?

Together We will...

‚ě≥Create a vision so strong that you won't have to worry about willpower or motivation ever again

‚ě≥Explore new and exciting¬†possibilities for your future - free from the "rules" and "shoulds" of the world.

‚ě≥Live and take action with a fun and adventurous attitude! ¬†

This Summer You Will

ūüĒܬ†Increase your self-awareness and make choices from your inner compass.

ūüĒÜ Stop waiting until you have changed your body to take pictures, wear clothes you love, go on vacations, date, exercise, eat what you want, or ask for a promotion.

ūüĒÜ Let loose and¬†allow more¬†joy in the process, and STILL take healthy action (YES! It's possible).

I believe...

You are unique, intelligent, and whole. 

You are capable of focus, follow-through, and accomplishment.

You are a problem solver.

You are personally accountable, resourceful, and make great choices every day. 

You are creative and imaginative and know how to organize your life to meet your individual needs.

You are smart and can learn and adapt to new things.

You are resilient.

You are competent. 

You can provide for yourself and others.

You are strong. Talented. and BRAVE!

You have a vision. Dreams. Goals.

YOU are the expert of your life.

You ALREADY possess your perfect plan inside of you!

Week 1

Who ARE You?

Week 2

Create a Pathway

Week 3

Manage Your Gremlins

Week 4

Implementation & Buddy Week

Week 5

Eat Peacefully

Week 6

Move Freely

Week 7

A Positive Future

Who ARE You?

Connect with your values, purpose and the stories you tell yourself about who you are and what you stand for, so you feel anchored you when life's storms hit.

Create A Pathway

Get excited and clear about where you are going and what will bring you the most joy on your journey. Build internal motivation to pull you forward regardless of any current or perceived barriers to success?

Manage Your Gremlins

Your inner negative & self-doubt talk is keeping you stuck.  Learn a 5 "R" Process for gremlin fighting so you can easily recognize and silence it so you can unlock new possibilities.

Implementation & Buddy Week

Take what you've learned from week 1-3 and build your confidence in your ability to succeed long-term on your own with an opportunity to explore, experiment and make observations.  Bring your new self-awareness for success in week's 4-7. 

 (*Meet with your buddy, No Group Meeting*).

Eat Peacefully

Learn tools for Mindful and Intuitive Eating so you can feel confident eating from a place of enjoyment & body respect without the pressure to eat "right," "in control" or be "smart" with your food.

Move Freely

Be empowered to move your body purely for the enjoyment of moving. Free from pain, punishment, competition, or outcomes. Give yourself permission to let what's fun and feels good be enough.

A Positive Future

Celebrate accomplishments and feel confident with your next steps with your health. Eliminate fears of "self-sabotage."

How You Will Be Supported?

‚≠ź7 Group Coaching Calls via Zoom (join us from anywhere or catch the recording).

(*First call July 9th at 2pm PDT - remaining meeting times TBD by group consensus during our first meeting)

‚≠źAn intimate, supportive and accepting community to explore new possibilities and challenges with

‚≠źA¬†buddy to support you and help you with accountability

‚≠źA private Facebook forum for immediate support and Q & A

‚≠źWeekly worksheets and informational documents¬†

All that for ~$35 per week!

Register before July 6th and receive an additional 1:1 coaching session for free! ($100 value)

Please email any questions to

Molly Courtney

Hello and welcome, I look forward to meeting you.  I have worn the professional hats of coach, mentor, consultant, teacher, trainer, specialist, and facilitator for 17 years. Developing others is one of my life's top values and what I believe to be one of my gifts to the world.  I am determined to be a source of joy and encouragement in your life and am committed to remind you of your strength, courage and commitment through all of life's celebrations and challenges. I believe in the power of coaching and community when it comes to lasting lifestyle change, and I would be honored to share it's magic with you! 

You Are Worth Believing In!

Would You Like to Be Supported This Summer?