How can journaling help you?

Do you hate exercise?

 Do you envy those people who work out simply because they enjoy doing it?

Or... do you feel completely controlled by your exercise plan?

Are you only motivated by changing the way your body looks?

Do you get extremely stressed when you miss a workout?

Do you spend hours planning your workouts and meals, just to fail a few days later?

If you answered yes then these journal prompts WILL help you start to form a better relationship with exercise. 

These prompts will help you recognize what it is about exercise that gives you joy, and what makes you want to run away from exercise forever. 

The prompts will give you the tools you need to make the best decision for your body each and every day, and they will teach you how to do that without guilt.

Falling in love with exercise is just the beginning of loving yourself and your body.  Let me, and these journal prompts help you get started. 


Message from the Author

Taylor Merloni

I know exactly what it's like to have a terrible relationship with food and exercise.

I have always been the 'healthy' friend and family member that people came to with questions about working out and nutrition.  I became OBSESSED with eating healthy and working out.     

I would stress out majorly if I strayed from my eating plan or skipped a workout. I never felt like what I was doing was enough, there was always some way I could be healthier.    

Eventually, I realized that this obsession with health and fitness was the furthest thing from living a healthy life.  How is living with that much anxiety healthy? It wasn't at all.  

So I decided to make a change, I journaled, I did the activity that made my mind and my body feel good and I completely fell in love with exercise and movement again.