Break Free from Stress

Its' time to disconnect from your stress.  Let's make a plan together

You’re a busy professional, balancing work, and life.  You've got the great job and life, everything you always thought you wanted. But instead you just plough through the day, ignoring your nerves, and the building anxiety.  

As we take on more and more in our lives, we disconnect from that life.  Burnout is a rising problem. Can you relate?

  • Doing lots of things but not getting any traction 
  • mental numbness taking over
  • Stressed out due to changes in your outer world that you can’t control
  • Feeling like you’re always underwater in terms of work load.
  • Unfocused and disorganized
  • Getting easily frustrated and negative. 
  • Can't sleep or wake up between 2-4 am?
  • Fear of missing out has you constantly checking in via technology?


Feel like its time to quit?  Does the stress just follow you to your next job or project?

The Solution starts in


What you’ll learn

Through this program, you will unravel the core triggers causing your stress, learn techniques to break your stress habits and learn to detour away from burnout with a roadmap for your future.

This customized program helps change your response to the stresses in your life using simple visualization and meditation techniques to reprogram your subconscious habits.

Breaking the cycle of stress and burnout requires changing your underlying behaviours. To break the behaviour you have to recognize your triggers. Something that’s much easier to achieve with guidance and group support.


It's time to disconnect from stress.


  • Your stress triggers
  • Your habit patterns


  • Your response to stress
  • Your unconscious habits


  • Focus & Productivity
  • Your sleep & relaxation 

About the Instructor

I'm Heather Russell, 20 year+ IT consultant, Soulful Guides founder, and Yoga-Nidra instructor

After years of working in corporate IT as a consultant, I experienced stress, crazy work schedules, adrenal fatigue, depression, and cravings.  Even though I have done yoga and meditation for over 15 years, I still got swallowed up in the chaos of the world around me.  Whatever I did to improve my health, only partially worked because I never really removed the tensions and habits associated with stress and anxiety. Until I brought a unique awareness and technique into my life, work and meditation practice.