We have used this budgeting system since we were 18 years old. We bought our first home when we were 21. I “pre-tired” to be home with our kids a few weeks before I turned 30. We sold our first home and paid cash for our second home when we were both 35. My husband “pre-tired” to work full-time at home on our small business when he was 40. Now, we spend our time working for ourselves. We have time to spend with our kids and each other. We have time to enjoy our lives, and you can too. We are just ordinary people, so if this budgeting system can work for us, it can work for you too.

About the Author

Jennifer Spears

Hi, I'm Jennifer! My husband, Glenn, and I started Enjoying Our Days in early 2016. We wanted to share our experiences with budgeting, small business and frugal living. We really enjoy helping people get to a point with their finances where they can get more enjoyment out of life.

When we are not blogging, we spend the rest of our "work" time creating products for our Etsy store. 

During our leisure time, you can find us hanging out with our kids (we have 6) or playing with our 3 dogs. You can usually find us outside, either gardening or creating some kind of yard art.

If you ever see us out hiking, or exploring in urban parks, we are most likely geocaching! 

We like to say that we blog about the good life...food, family, fun, and being your own boss! To us, those are the most important things in life, and we wouldn't want to spend our days doing anything else.

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