Creative Collaboration Ideas Webinar

with featured guest Melissa McGraw


Interview with Melissa McGraw from

Melissa McGraw from The Creative Potential will be joining me to talk about why collaborations are the new currency in the fashion industry. You will learn:

  • What different types of collaborations there are
  • Which ones are right for you
  • How collaborations can help you gain visibility for your personal brand or business.

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Tues, August 8th

7:00 pm EDT

About the Host & Featured Guest

Malie Bingham

Founder of

I am a fashion designer based in NYC. After working in the industry for almost two decades I started mentoring and started sharing my knowledge with brilliant young designers just starting out in their careers. It was through this mentoring that I decided to compile all my juicy nuggets of information and share it with more people. Thus Pick Glass was born!

I offer actionable guides and courses to help fashion professionals move their careers forward.

Melissa McGraw

The Creative Potential

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