Dressage Arena Sketchbooks

Dressage test companions for memorizing patterns, recording lessons and clinics

Improve your accuracy. Improve your performance.


  • Do you memorize best by writing or drawing?
  • Have you found yourself forgetting arena letters, patterns or figure geometry?
  • Let me guess, you've found yourself looking for a solution to lesson or clinic note-taking that you can refer to again and again over the weeks, months and years to come...


The costs of lessons, clinics and competition sure add up.  

We want to spend our time in the arena wisely - walking in knowing our letters, test pattern and figure geometry.

Better yet, think ahead and grab a Sketch Book before your next clinic. Use the custom built interiors to record feedback for your ride and all audit sessions too! 


Let the Dressage Arena Sketch Books be your jumping off point - the foundation for error-free rides.



These sketch books are available for the small (40m x 20m) and standard (60m x 20m) arenas. 

The small arena sketch book is perfect for combined training, eventing and new dressage riders. 

Advanced riders or those competing at recognized shows will prefer the standard arena sketchbook.

Created in consultation with FEI freestyle rider, coach and choreographer Ruth Hogan-Poulsen, these books provide a simple and organized foundation for your performance!

Check out the video above for a full tour of the interiors!


Perfect for combined training, eventing or new dressage riders using the small (40m x 20m) arena. 

  • Great for memorizing arena, tests and figures.
  • Helpful for collecting clinic or lesson drawings in one spot!



Perfect for memorizing dressage tests or learning dressage arena letters in the 60m x 20m standard arena. 

  • Great for memorizing arena, tests and figures.
  • Helpful for collecting clinic or lesson drawings and notes in one spot!



Why draw out tests to memorize them?

If you always learned better by taking notes in school, then using a pen and paper to learn your arena, tests and figure geometry probably is a good bet for you!

Why not just memorize from arena diagram printouts?

If that's what works best for you, absolutely find and download a free printable for memorization. But, be sure any printouts are to scale, so your figure geometry is accurate! 

If you choose to also use this book for keeping track of lesson, clinic or coaching notes, this book can help you keep those all in one place!

I'm buying this as a gift. Should I buy for the small or standard arena?

Quick Tip: Look at any competition photos on the recipient's social media. Look at the letters around the arena. If you see these letters (S, R, V, P), then buy the standard arena version. 

If you are buying this for a combined training or eventing rider, the small arena book is likely the best bet.

If you are buying this for a new dressage rider, go for the small arena.

If the recipient is an established dressage rider, and regularly attends horse shows, s/he may prefer the standard arena. Use the quick tip above to double check... or ask him or her directly :)

About the author & contributor

Ariana Marshall | Dressage Gifts

Ariana rode dressage during her teens and 20s, including spending 3 years as an assistant to, and riding with, FEI trainer Ruth Hogan-Poulsen. She competed through Prix St. Georges.

Ariana creates and publishes dressage and equestrian projects through her Dressage Gifts and Round Pony Press brands.

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Ruth Hogan Poulsen | Dressage Rider, Trainer & Coach

Ruth has earned her USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold medals as well as her Freestyle Gold Bar and has been named a 4*  rider on Centerline Scores. She has competed both nationally and internationally and was long-listed by the USET, earning multiple awards at every level from Training to Grand Prix. 

As a trainer and coach, Ruth has developed successful teaching, training and competition programs for riders of all levels and needs. She has developed a series of products for the dressage rider, available on her website.

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