Hey Mommas! Do You Want Your Baby To Rock At Sleeping Through The Night?

Then This FREE Step-By-Step Guide

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Just 5 Easy Steps To Getting More Zzz's!

Before Baby Comes

Step 1:

Preparing the Nursery for Sleeping not Playing

In the First 4 Months

Step 2 & 3:

Eat-Play-Sleep-Repeat Bedtime Routine

All Through the Night

Step 4 & 5:

Preventing&Troubleshooting Night Waking


Ashley Holden Wilson

Mom of 13 month old girl

"The Step by Step Guide to Better Sleep really helped me as a new mom think of things I would never have thought to consider. Having a relaxed nursery setting makes such a difference for both me and my baby. Thanks Wendy! Also encouraging parents to establish an eat-play-sleep routine vs a set schedule makes things so much more manageable since following my child's cues is important to me. Overall, I loved this guide and definitely will be referring it to my new mom friends!"

Misty Maruska

Mom of Harlequin, 14 months

"I have read Wendy's newest 'Sweet Baby Sleep.'  Holy Wow! I absolutely loved it and I'm newly inspired to try this sleep thing again!  I have not implemented it yet (only because it is not bedtime!), but I know from experience that it will change our lives for the better just as everything else from Wendy has. "

Amie Lands, Mom


"Congrats on completing this, Wendy. It's awesome. This is a great resource for new parents or those looking for sleep solutions. Yes, I would recommend it!"

About the Author: Wendy Rohin, DPT

Wendy is a pediatric physical therapist with over ten years of expertise in infant development. Her specialties include prematurity, infant feeding, and developmental delays. She is passionate about helping new moms and dads not only survive but THRIVE during baby's first year! Go to everythingbabies.org to learn more about Wendy. If you want more information or have any questions or concerns, please reach out via email at wendy@everythingbabies.org