Developing Healthy Habits 7-Day Kickstart

Learn how to KICKSTART healthy habits and start living your ABSOLUTE BEST LIFE using clean nutrition, fitness, self-care and mindset.

Oct. 23, 2017

8:00 am


You DESERVE this!

Have you been feeling stuck lacking the MOTIVATION you need to adapt a HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE? Do you know you need to make a LIFESTYLE CHANGE but don't know where to begin? 

It's time to leave all that frustration and negativity behind and learn how to truly put yourself first and make your health and wellness a PRIORITY.

During this 7-Day virtual email course you will learn how to KICKSTART healthy habits that will provide the foundation to looking and feeling better, and living the ABSOLUTE BEST LIFE possible, using clean nutrition, fitness, self-care and developing a positive mindset.

I'll be sharing with you the same healthy living principals I have used in my own life to lose 30+ pounds.

What you'll learn:


How to gain more natural energy and maintain a healthy weight by applying clean eating principles.


Why physical activity is important and how to choose the best type for your lifestyle.


How to utilize affirmations and visualization techniques to help elevate your mental awareness and increase your self-worth.


The importance of taking care of yourself and how to establish a regular self-care routine, and make yourself a priority.

Kickstart begins in


About your Host

Regina Mize


Regina is a mind & body wellness coach who specializes in helping middle-aged women tap into their own fountain of youth by adopting a lifestyle of clean nutrition, exercise, and emotional wellness.