Here are the three things you're missing that you'll get from the guide...


Clarity as to exactly how to eat, train, and recover for your unique circumstances.


Consistency so that you can build momentum and make massive progress as effectively as possible, and for as long as possible.


Confidence that the steps you’re taking will actually work and that you’ll be able to stick to them even when life throws you curve balls.

About Rob

I'm Rob Arthur.

I'm Rob.

I know just how frustrating all the confusing, conflicting health and fitness information out there can be.

Being a big nerd and a self-experimenter, I've tried just about every dietary strategy and training modality out there.

I'll admit, for a while there I had a lot of fun with all of this tinkering.

I kept reading books.

I kept watching lectures.

I kept learning.

I kept trying new things.

I kept experimenting.

I even earned the NSCA Certified Strength and Condition Specialist, Precision Nutrition Level 2 Certified Coach, and Primal Health Coach credentials.

After years of learning as much as I could and trying one thing after another, the experimentation got old.

I just wanted to figure out what worked.

I finally began to realize just how unnecessarily complicated I was making things for myself.

I learned eventually that consistently practicing the basics was the key step I'd been overlooking.

So I started there.

I then built upon those basics, dialing in my habits for my personal needs, preferences, and goals.

I stopped viewing food as simply a means to an end and movement as simply a tool for energy balance and bragging rights.

I started to pay more attention to recovery, sleep, stress management, spending time in the sunlight and fresh air, and doing things I love with people I love.

This framework is what finally helped me to get lean, strong, and healthy, and stay that way.

Use the form above to download my free guide to learn this framework for yourself.

How much longer do you want to start and stop and start and stop, jumping from one thing to another, spinning your wheels?

Life is way too short to spend it "dieting" and "exercising".

You deserve better.

You deserve more.

You're going to crush this.