Hope for the Hurting Wife

“For better...or worse.”
It’s such a pretty phrase, full of promise and potential, one that captures the honest intentions of heartfelt pledges between bride and groom. But let’s be honest, you never expected your happily ever after would actually fade from better to worse.

At least not like this.
From prolonged seasons of despair to singular moments that forever split the relationship into before and after phases, the authors’ personal stories and scriptural insights portray a hope that endures even when marriage gets hard.

Join Rebekah and Jen as they tenderly yet truthfully address topics like:
Moving forward after trauma

Loving when you feel unloved
Protecting your heart
Understanding the power of a choice
Trusting God while waiting

Hope. Courage. Confidence.
It’s never too late to experience these realities in your marriage!

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Hope for the Hurting Wife