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There are times when jumping seems like the best course of action. The thought of vanishing has crossed the oracle’s mind many times since the death of the angel who held his heart. However, whenever the abyss looks him in the eye and invites him inside, he shies away from its touch. He is Cassius, the oracle, leader of the angels, the only angel able to commune with God. He can’t afford to act selfishly when evil is at large, but he can’t pull himself out of the depression weighing him down—until one day he’s given the key to move forward by none other than an elusive demon and harbinger of evil itself.

You always have a choice.

When Squall’s father died, he had to assume a new role of responsibility to fill the void his father left behind. However, Squall quickly learns that an older brother can’t take the place of a father, and the mutual contention in his family, since his father’s death, makes everything much harder. Squall likes to get away from the weight of his responsibility whenever he can, and his troublemaking best friend, Luthen, makes that easy. Though Luthen’s wild ideas are meant in good fun, he and Squall find themselves thrown into a life-threatening situation, forcing Squall to think about the way he has been living his life and how he should be living it.