You can do this, food allergy mom. You just need a circle of friends who can help! The Milk Allergy Mom Support Group is here for you. Whether you’re new to food allergies or are a seasoned allergy family, you’ll find the encouragement, support, and friendship you need to make the most of this adventure.

Join over 150 member families from all over the world, with allergies to milk and more. Families with EoE, FPIES, eczema, asthma, and other allergy conditions are also finding tremendous support inside this group. 


We're in this together!

How It Works

Web Page Library

In a password protected web page, we house our allergy binder library for building confidence and relieving stress. We walk you through building and customizing an invaluable allergy resource for your family that you'll also want to share with caregivers, babysitters, relatives, schools, and doctors. Our members loved having this tool on hand for recent natural disasters, too.

Facebook Community

 Our community forum is conveniently housed on Facebook, and is where you will connect with over 100 other food allergy families on similar journeys. You can get advice and feedback while sharing your challenges and success. This is a place full of positive, loving, encouragement from moms who understand.

Weekly Email

Each week, we send an email recap that points you to all the daily theme discussions from the week: menu planning, recipes, product finds, allergy polls, wellness chats, life encouragement, and fun non-allergy posts. This is the perfect feature for busy mamas who want to catch up in one sitting.


Video Chat App

Once a month, Jamie facilitates live video chat among the members for in-depth and personal talk about food allergy life. Oftentimes, the kiddos even jump on and say hi! This is one of our favorite ways to get to know and support each other better, and it's so easy to do through the use of a simple app. Pajamas, coffee, and snacks allowed!

Features Inside


Weekly recipe shares & menu planning inspiration.


Q&A with doctors and other allergy moms in the group.


Post your own questions & shares for feedback in real time.


Behind-the-scenes video with the Milk Allergy Mom family. 


Posts and videos to walk you through the binder contents.


As part of sharing safe food, hygiene, and supplement finds.


 Meet members in person. And join us for a meal at Disney!


Monthly features to support these special members.


Monthly group video chat talking about allergy life.

Guest Allergists

Each month, we bring an allergist on live Q&A to discuss an allergy topic important to you. Members submit questions ahead of time, and we equip you to have good communication with your own doctors in the short amount of time you have with them. This is a top feature in the group and members tell us this is worth the membership cost alone. 


Happy Members


“My husband and I are really enjoying the group so far, it’s been a Godsend. I love how you organize everything and really appreciate you and all you put into this group.” Sarah


“Your group truly means so much to us moms! It may be the only thing keeping my sanity, just knowing I’m not alone. You have no idea how much everything you do is so helpful and comforting to the thousands of us moms you don’t even know.”


“Thank you for starting Milk Allergy Mom. You have given us so much hope and help over the past 3.5 years with our daughter anaphylactic to milk, nut, fish. With this group I know we will get through it.”

$10 a month ($45 value)

We do month-to-month membership in hopes that you beat allergies and don't need the group anymore. Cancel anytime!