Milk Allergy Mom as featured by NBC News, Web MD, BuzzFeed, What to Expect, Go Dairy Free & Spokin.

Food allergy friend, you can't do this alone. The Milk Allergy Mom Member Group is here to help you. 

Whether you’re new to food allergies or are a seasoned allergy family, you’ll find our encouraging information, help, and connection is just what you need to make your life with food allergies so much easier. 

And much more fun!

And even life-changing!

Join 200 member families from all over the world, with allergies to milk and more. Families with EoE, FPIES, eczema, asthma, and other allergy conditions also find tremendous support inside this group. 

Together, we can do this!

How Membership Works

Web Page Library

In a password protected web page, we house printable sheets for your very important allergy binder plus all our exclusive videos and interviews. 

Facebook Community

Our community forum with over 200 friends is conveniently housed on Facebook. This is a place full of positive, caring, encouragement and is an optional part of our membership. 

Weekly Email

Each week we send an email recap that links you to the week's new discussions and videos. This is the perfect feature for busy moms and those just wanting the videos and binder sheets.

Features Inside the Group


Recipes, menu plans, grocery shopping, & budget talk.


Exclusive Q&A with doctors and food allergy leaders you'll love.


Post your own questions & shares for feedback in real time.


Behind-the-scenes video with the Milk Allergy Mom family. 


Helping you build an important tool all allergy families need.


Supporting fellow allergy entrepreneurs & their goods.


 Meet members in person. And join us for a meal at Disney!


Weekly encouragement in many areas of refueling.


Monthly group video chat talking about allergy life.

Life-Changing Allergist Videos

Each month, we bring an allergist on live Q&A to discuss an allergy topic important to you. This information helps you better understand allergies and to communicate well with your own doctors in the short amount of time you have with them. It's a top feature inside the group and my immunologist will now do phone consults with our members, as well!  

Dr. Siri

Dr. Siri is board certified in allergy immunology and internal medicine. Her cutting edge nature led her to open her own allergy office in recent years where she is able to run trials of all sorts including peanut and milk allergy desensitizing. She's been our doctor for 12 years and is currently conducting my son's personalized milk oralimmunotherapy (OIT). Dr. Siri explains the latest allergy news inside our group.

Dr. Kaufmann

Yes, it's true. My father-in-law works as an allergist at our favorite office with his own allergic conditions. And I've been asking him to explain allergies to me for the past twelve years. Dr. Kaufmann now loves answering questions from our private group on topics like "how to pick an allergist", "asthma in sickness", and "why controlling environmental allergies is so important". 



Happy Members


“My husband and I are really enjoying the group so far, it’s been a Godsend. I love how you organize everything and really appreciate you and all you put into this group.” Sarah


“Your group truly means so much to us moms! It may be the only thing keeping my sanity, just knowing I’m not alone. You have no idea how much everything you do is so helpful and comforting to the thousands of us moms you don’t even know.”


“Thank you for starting Milk Allergy Mom. You have given us so much hope and help over the past 3.5 years with our daughter anaphylactic to milk, nut, fish. With this group I know we will get through it.”

Frequent Questions

How is this different from other groups?

This group is a soft place to land as our members and content inspire and uplift. It's organized well for busy moms who don't have hours to scroll, search, and dig. And we provide top notch information from allergy leaders and moms in the trenches. When you stop by the group, you leave encouraged, not stressed. All this sets us apart and is what our members say they love about the group. 

What if I have other allergies besides milk?

Then you won't be alone! The top 8 food allergies are represented inside the group along with many other food allergies like corn and oats. Several of our members are gluten-free, and most of us manage other allergic conditions like eczema and asthma. We talk about and support each other in all of the above! Milk just happens to be the common denominator between us in general. 

Is there a satisfaction guarantee?

For sure. We offer a "love it guarantee" in the first 30 days of membership because we don't want money to keep you from figuring out if this is just what you need! If you find that the group is not the right fit for you within the first month, just contact Jamie and she will gladly refund your first month's membership. No questions asked. We want all our members happy! 

Just $12 / Month

$69 / mo. value. Plus we send you a free welcome gift! Your credit card will be automatically charged each month until you cancel. Cancel anytime!