About the author

Mel Hurley

Hi. My name is Melissa Hurley (Mel for short). I run Seamsliketrouble.com and am a professional stitcher for theatre. I created this ebook since it is something I wish I had when I was starting my career. I wouldn't have had to embarrassingly ask a co-worker how to "Merrow" something, or google "cut on the bias" frantically on my lunch break.

My history:

My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was 12, and I never stopped.

Since then, I have made various garments for myself. Different fashions throughout my rebellious years of high school & college (class of '03), and then costumes from college to the present.

My major was theatre, for the sake of making costumes. From then on, I sewed for community theatres until finally moving to New York City and making costumes & hats for Broadway, Radio City, Blue Man Group, and even Avenue Q. 

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