Are you ready to stop feeling stressed out over your band's merch line?

It doesn't have to be pain to create your merch line - you just need a plan!

Does this sound familiar?

You book a kickass gig for your band and you're so excited, until you realize you don't have any merch ready to sell.

So you rush and throw something together that's either unimaginative, or worse, the exact same tee everyone has already seen (and bought).


Selling that looks terrible, it makes your band look unprofessional, and... 



Are you ready to learn a SYSTEM for designing your merch line that actually works?

I've created a step-by-step process that you can follow to plan your merch line without the stress and drama.

Are you ready to...

Cut out the print shops

I lay the foundation so you can discover what your merch line should look like for YOUR band - not what some t-shirt generator with clipart can come up with.

Learn from Experience

We cover the biggest mistakes newbie designers make, so you don't have to!

Cut through the B.S.

We're covering the best tools to use to plan and create your merch line so you know what will work for you and what you can skip.