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Pure Mystery

An elderly woman is found poisoned in the upstairs bedroom of her home whose front door stands 52 steps above the street in an old-fashioned whodunit that blends clues, red herrings, suspects, and humor. (Series Book 1)

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Willet Dura makes his meager living investigating crimes. Ever since a terrible battle, he's had a link to the dead--an uncanny ability to solve their crimes and sense foul play. When several of the gifted are found dead in close succession, Willet suspects a deeper threat and ends up chasing a mystery that will shake his world.
(Series Book 1)

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The Mighty Superhero Security Squad is supposed to be protecting mankind - but something’s gone terribly wrong. Wealth and prestige seem to have become the main goals of The Squad instead. Worse, they have issued an ultimatum giving all non-villainous supers only two choices - join or be taken into custody as an Unknown Non-Affiliate, otherwise known as an UNA. Those who take option number 2? No one but The Squad knows what happens to them...

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