Sassy Sales NOW!

6 Steps to Make Money on Autopilot with Easy, Streamlined Systems!



12:00 PM


What you’ll learn

  • How to plan and implement strategies for all your sales and promotion

  • 6 Things to include in your one-page media kit.

  • We’ re going to look at what you can do to show up consistently and build a reputation that will attract the clients you want.
  • Create a public presence and authority status using - 7 Types of public appearances 

  • Create your own custom, manageable system for promotion, content delivery and sales!

  • How to set up a sleek, time-saving sales system, from lead generation to delivery!

  • We’ ll look at how you can implement automations that reduce the need for you to be hands-on every minute of every day, setting you free to spend more time with your kids or just to focus on those parts of your business that you do best at.


About the Host


Danette Moss, Business Strategist and Support Catalyst to Wifepreneurs, Divorced Mompreneurs and Single Mompreneurs at Let’s Talk Strategies, home of The SASS Factor™ (Strategic Action Signature Systems) and The Online Visibility Formula™ where she helps Wifepreneurs, Divorced Mompreneurs and Single Mompreneurs create a customized life business plan so they can balance spending time with their family while growing a successful business. They work with me to escape mommy guilt while still being able to work on their dreams.

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