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End The Money Struggle

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Manage Your Debt Like A Boss

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But let me've got it under control because you...


                          *Go on vacation a few times a year - using borrowed money

                          *Make great money but never save enough for emergencies

                          *Let your man handle the money because you hate managing money anway - until you find out                                  he's been spending the rent money at the casino

                          *When you do start saving, something happens (Beyonce drops an album) and you're back to                                       square 1



Life Happens

I get It.


Been There.  Done That.


But if you're like me the money struggle gets old.



Join The Challenge And Finally...

Go On Vacation

Without going into more debt

Create A Spending Plan That You Love

Budgets are dead.  I'll show you how to give every dollar a job and watch them work for you

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Pay down your debts and increase your credit score

Stack Coins For Your Emergency Fund

Yes, you have enough to save for a rainy day.

Enjoy Your Life Without The Money Drama

Say goodbye to hoping your debit card goes through at the supermarket or your favorite after work shopping trip

Keep Your Kids In Activities They Love

Because you'll love your new #moneygoals and your kids will love you for it too

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JANUARY 30, 2017