Build Credibility

When you're an author, people come to YOU as the credible source of your expertise.

Gain Clients

Attract higher paying clients by having a book to your name and brand. You deserve it!

Get on Stage

You're able to find more speaking engagements where you're in front of your ideal audience.

You're a Coach or Speaker who wants to up their game. But you have no time.

No worries.

Write Your Book Faster than You Thought Possible.

Inside of this FREE 5 Day eCourse called The Write Time, you'll learn the exact strategies on how to write your book in no time! Imagine the possibility of writing your book and running your business at the same time without driving a wedge between your loved ones. Know how to ADD time into your day so you can become a sought out author sooner than you thought possible!

During the course, you'll learn the following:

Write in Less Time.

Learn how to ADD more time into your day with simple strategies.

The Zone

Know what the Zone is and how you can work inside of it with BIG results!

Avoid New Writers Mistakes

Know the common mistakes new writers struggle with and how you can avoid them.

Who am I?

My name is Monica Miller and I am the proud author of three books, two of which I wrote in 90 days or less. I am excited to show you my EXACT strategies on writing and publishing two books in less than a year! I've been a lifelong writer and know the struggles that many of you go through. Let me guide you on an easy path of time hacking so you can write your book and become a published author this year!

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