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A Living Label is a memoir that documents some of the struggles and triumphs of the author as a survivor of labor trafficking and domestic violence in the U.S. Bukola Oriola’s goal is to inspire hope in other survivors that they can turn their lives around positively, regardless of what difficulty they might have passed through.

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Amazing Story! This is a Must Read!!! There is nothing like Lived Experience!!!

Truly Inspiring Story! Human Trafficking is a major problem in the world today and one that I feel does not get enough attention. I began reading A Living Label and I could not put it down with the turn of every page I was pulled further and further into the extraordinary life of Bukola Oriola. It is amazing to see what Bukola has been through and now she has turned this into passion to drive her to achieve her dreams of helping others. You can take a stack of books on human trafficking and stack them to the roof and you can take one lived experience such as Bukola Oriola and the lived experience will win every time. You should really get this book and read it. You will not be disappointed! I know that you will be inspired and motivated as I am!

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Is a great reminder of the strength of the human spirit

A moving and inspiring story of the experiences of a young woman, Bukola Oriola - a victim of human trafficking who not only was able to free herself from the ordeal, but has become the mouthpiece for others who have endured the same. The book, A Living Label: An Inspirational Memoir, is a great reminder of the strength of the human spirit. A well-written book that chronicles Bukola’s struggles, not only enduring the ordeal but as a survivor whose intention was, and still is, to raise awareness.

- Theresa Lovelace

Very nice read

Sounds so real. Its a good read..

- Donner

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Survivors are overcomers who should be treated as the experts on human trafficking because they lived it.

Very well written. An inspiration to anyone who has or is being exploited. I love how Bukola talks about being reexploited by the people who are trying to help her but are only using her story to further their needs. I love how she speaks from the heart and puts the reality out their for everyone to see. Survivors are overcomes who should be treated as the expert in the field of human trafficking because they lived it. Bukola tells us this and more in this amazing boo[k].

I recommend for all

 The book is very informative and educative. A true guide for everyone to understand what steps to take to be independent. I recommend for all. One other outstanding things about this book is the originality and simplicity of the content. Thank you for writing such a great book.

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Touched my heart....

When one is not exposed to the pain, anguish and struggle that Bukola endured reading her life's words are just heart wrenching. Her story. Her triumphs and her legacy. We never know what life will present to us and it's clear to me that Bukola has used her life experience to share and create hope.

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Great Book!

 This is a great book that helps a great cause. Support this book and get the word out so that lives can be saved! Awesome Job Bukola

Aikyna Finch

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The journey, the story, the inspiration!!

 What an inspiration. What a journey she has had. A must read for sure!

Five Stars

Is a very great book and very inspirational.

- Leah honsky

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