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How to create your own signature course:
1. Talk to me. 2.- 9. We will do the rest.


Look, It is no secret that digital courses are the next big thing. 

Before you sign up, we wanted to answer any questions you may have — so you know exactly what you are going to get.

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What are the exact steps to create your own online signature course? 


Hello hello!

I am Julie by the way and if you have been following me you pretty much know how much I love writing, online courses and how I believe anyone can create a successful online digital course.

Heck, if I can figure it out then certainly you can too.

Create Your Own Signature Course™

Today we are really going to go deep into the steps you need in order to create your own signature course.

Why create your own signature course?

A few years ago I was working as the marketing manager, social media strategist and content creator for a tech company when I got an email from a client asking for urgent information.

At that moment, my whole life and plans were put on hold so I could fully focus on helping her.

It was that exact moment when the light went off and I thought, this would be so much easier if i could make a digital course available for immediate access to answer her questions. 




Here are the best reasons to Create Your Own Signature Course™

1. You can make extra $s on the side or even replace your full time job. 

2. You do the hard work up front and then set and forget.

3. Online courses are amazing!

4. You become a mini celebrity in your space, gain credibility and grow a community around you.

5. You essentially become a role model.

Also, you can get results fairly quickly. Course creators often make their first sales in the first one or two weeks.

6. We love being able to help more people.

7. We love being able to help thousands hundreds of people by just one course.

The scalability has been like night a day to what we were doing before, answering questions one at a time.

8. You get freedom and the ability to share your knowledge.

The reason I am telling you this is because we have interviewed our favorite course creators and asked them what works and what is tried and true.



A great course simplifies, cuts to the core and gives you the best information available. 

Sure, you could google it or look it up on wikipedia and get it for free. 

People are not investing in your course because it is what they want. They are investing in your course because it is a short cut to an outcome.

You help people sort through the noise.

HINT By the way, your course does not even have to have a massive amount of information!

A good course simplifies things!

Let’s recap: Find your best course idea, find out what you are passionate about, your skills and experiences.

Figure out the outcome you are going to provide and choose the most impactful transformation.

That is how easy it is.




1. Find YOUR best course idea.

2. Come up with a name, logo and branding.

3. Grow your course audience with our clear instructions.

4. Price your course the right way.

5. Create a course that people love.

6. Launch your course using our proven launch calendar.




When you have a list of fans who know, like and trust you, you want to make sure that you can accept payments starting day one.

Here is a how your launch is going to work:

You will have your posts, your emails, your warm lead phase introducing who you are.

As I mentioned earlier, to create an online course you need something you are sure of, then follow people who have actually done it before. 

It is not just theory!

You need to see a way to create YOUR amazing online course.

Here is what you get:

  ✔ A well thought out plan.

  ✔ Unlimited ask the teacher access.

  ✔ A customizable look and feel.

  ✔ How to accept payments.

  ✔ Our best resources.

  ✔ Discover if a workshop, mini course, full course, or a 30 day challenge is best for you.

Here is what you are going to get today:

Our premier program: Create Your Own Signature Course™ (CYOSC) valued at $699.

Section 1. Find Your Best Course Idea

Section 2. How to Price Your Course  

Section 3. Build a Raving Fan Base 

Section 4. How to Create an Offer for Your Course

Section 5. Crafting Your High Converting Sales Page

Section 6: How to Create Course Content 

Section 7: Develop Your Course Marketing Plan and Launch

BONUS Your Launch Calendar valued at $299

Plus, you get done-for-you course templates and checklists valued at $199

Total Value: $1197


Depending on where you are, that plan maybe out of your budget, so if you are not quite ready to afford the premier plan, you can upgrade to the basic plan for $29 per month and still get all of the bonuses.

If this feels like a good fit for you, what you want to do next is click on the buy now button where you will be guided to receive your first welcome letter.


Let us walk you through the check out process.

Click Buy Now => Get redirected to Paypal => Pay => You receive a welcome letter in your email box with your course materials, with detailed and easy to follow instructions.

Click Claim Bonuses Now => Get redirected to Paypal => Pay => You receive a welcome letter in your inbox with your free bonuses and a monthly subscription of $29/month that you can cancel at any time.

Still, it gets better. You get a 100% money back guarantee.

If you decide that it not right for you let us know, no questions asked, risk free.

If you upgrade today, you are going to get access all course bonuses ($498 value). 

What is the catch? Why do you get all of these bonuses for free? 

We want to give your our best value from people who have done our programs.

People who have taken our courses have

- become more successful and

- are better equipped.

If you need assistance once you are in, we are here to help.

Our customer care team is standing by and ready to answer your questions.


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