I greet you in love beautiful soul, I am Gogo Thule,
a Sangoma Shamanic Healer + Sacred Life Coach.

I guide spiritual truth seekers to heal and awaken the divine power + wisdom within

through ancient holistic healing practices to deepen your connection to spirit + your higher self.

The practices that have awakened me have been holistic, deeply rooted in the earth, soul provoking,

and ancient but also practical and aligned with our modern day struggles.

My intention is to share soulful medicine through this webinar. You will learn:

+ Introduction to Teachings of Ancient African Shamanic Healing 
+ Steps to Connect with Your Ancestral Spirit Guides
+ Sacred Practices & Rituals for Spiritual Well Being/Empowerment
+ Live Q&A 


This work is sacred. This work is medicine for the soul and leads to liberation of the mind body + spirit.

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Journey soulfully.

Danielle C., Yoga Teacher

"My ancestral reading with Gogo Thule was a powerful and transformative experience. For the first time in my life I felt the strong presence of my ancestors as spiritual guides.

The ancestors spoke through her, offering me the necessary information to heal and move into my divine purpose."