4 Part Video Challenge

Video 1

Goodbye 2016

In this video we close the door on the year before and set an intention for an incredible 2017.

In stating the intention loud and clear, we plant the seed and nourish ourselves to grow. into everything we are.


Video 2

Going Within.

Through exercises and a guided meditation (free MP3) you will develop new tools to go within and find your inner self while connecting to the Universal Guidance system, Source and Spirit.

Then we'll create patterns to help you connect daily.


Video 3

Energy and Sparkle

We all need tools to pull out when we forget who we are, in this video we create some handy ones.



Video 4

Showing up

.Bringing together feeling good and radiating our inner light, we can create joy with our families and enjoy each day in the small moments of playfulness.

We will also use visualisation as a tool to tell the story of how we want to feel, rather than what "Is".

We'll feel lighter and because of the inner work our true selves will radiate freely, this is a great time to start seeing the world through the eyes of our children, and putting it all together.


© 2016