Beauty Inside & Out 21 Day Detox

My "Beauty Inside & Out"  21 Day Detox is set in place to really help you shrink your stomach/waistline and eliminate fullness. It is also a fresh start to turning over a new leaf and embracing new habits that will help your health and body producing longterm benefits. My "Beauty Inside & Out" 21 Day Detox is accompanied with workout plans that are quick and easy to do at home, in the gym or in an outdoor setting.

Cleanse Your Liver

Help Promote your Body's Metabolic Process, Strengthen your Immune System & Promote Overall Weight Loss

Lose Inches off Your Waistline

Slenderize your Waistline! Feel Lighter and Look Leaner when you Shed Unwanted Fat In Your Midsection

Glowing Skin

Learn Healthy Juice Recipes that Benefit Skin Health & Appearance

Lose Excess Belly Fat

De-Bloat your belly! Drink & Eat Raw Fruits & Veggies to Specifically Target Unwanted Fullness

Improve Your Energy Levels

Start Your Day with Energy Boosting Juices & Power Shots to Keep You Going Consistently 

Gain A Full Body Reboot

Feel Energized & Replenished Through Exercise Practices and by Proper Food Combinations 

Love, Leah Leona is a brand built on combining principles of Health & Fitness to inspire Beauty in all elements of your lifestyle. Beauty is an inside out initiative, with this in mind, Leah creates custom Meal Plans and Training Programs that cater to leading a lifestyle based on consistent habits and self discipline to achieve your ultimate Beauty goals. Leah works with her clients teaching them ways to incorporate Plant Based Meals into their day to day diet. Leah specializes in HIIT & Plyometric Training.

Leah's biggest goal is to teach her clients to live a lifestyle where their eating and exercise habits match their Beauty & Body goals, ultimately leading to a fuller living, healthier and happy individual!

Leah Leona studied at Parsons the New School for Design, where she received her BFA in Fashion Design. Having studied ballet in her younger years, Leah developed a high value and appreciation for discipline and beauty and transfers these principles into her designs. FRINGE! is a line of exotic swimwear and resort pieces that inspire women to be Beautiful, Bold, & Confident. Leah Leona is a Lingerie and Bridal brand inspired by classical ballet and grandeur. The pieces are lovingly made in NYC using the finest quality of silks, lace embellishments, innovative knits, beading & embroidery techniques. Leah Leona Lingerie has been featured on Beyonce as part of her album artwork for "4", as well as in the NY & UK Times. In addition, Leah Leona Lingerie was first showcased in China and her Bridal Collection will debut in 2018.