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This pdf gives you easy-to-use and hands-on tips that will improve your photos of your furry best friend!

A simple checklist with five easy steps.

Fun for you - fun for your dog!

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What readers are saying about this PDF

Pernilla Levisson

Dogtrainer, Glädjeklick

Five really useful tips, and you don't have to be an experienced photographer to use them. Anyone can use them to get much better results immediatelly.

I Love that Åsa points out the importance of a happy dog!

Tuss Bennergård

Photographer, Tuss och tass

Simple tips that are easy to understand! They inspire both to photograph with your mobile phone and your SLR, and you want to learn more!

About the author

Åsa Jakobsson

Åsa is a dog-trainer, teacher, instructor, and photographer. She knows dogs, and she knows how to make them look good in photos!

She is convinced that a photosession should be a lot of fun, and her three dogs all agree.

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