If You're Like Most People, You Know What it Feels Like to be Stuck in Life.

To wake up each day and feel like something is holding you back.


Have You Ever Considered Working with a Professional Coach?


Think about it for a minute...We’ve all experienced things like negative self-talk, self-defeating attitudes, over thinking every decision, and that dreaded feeling of being unworthy or incapable of reaching for the life we want.

 It all affects our daily lives in so many ways; with our spouse, our families, friends, coworkers, you name it!   

Over time, without even realizing it, we end up going further and further off track from our dreams. We continue to give up, or never even try something new. We’ve lost sight of the reality that we can feel better, turn our lives around, and overcome our past.  We’ve accepted the status quo that feels familiar, even though it's not what we truly desire. 

All is Not Lost My Friend! There is Hope, and I can help you Rediscover it or Find it for the very first time!  

  There's a reason that you feel the way that you do; I'll help you discover and understand where those feelings come from, and how you can learn from your past to help shape the future you’ve always wanted. We’ll work together, and connect with the inner power that you already have, transforming negative thinking into positive reinforcement. You are not broken, nor are you doomed to continue the patterns of the past. It's time to Take Your Life Back!

I’ll be with you every step of the way, encouraging you and supporting you because you are worth it and I believe in you!  

If this sounds like something that you’d like to learn more about, go ahead and sign up below to be added to my waiting list as I get ready to launch my Life Transition & Recovery Coaching Programs in the Fall of 2017.


Matthew Pappas



Founder of SurvivingMyPast.net and future Life Transition & Recovery Coach.