The Free Discovery Call

The discovery call is a 30 minute conversation in your preferred communication method of communication. It is completely free of charge. The point of the discovery call is so we can find out what plan is best for you, your blog, and your business. 


In the discovery call we will talk about your goals, your purpose for blogging, and the future direction of your business. In the 30 minute conversation we will cover a lot of great information.


Why you (yes you) should want a free discovery call!

Discovery calls are the best.

1. Free learning about how to grow your business.

2. Time to reflect on your business.

3. Free guide to help you meet your goals.

4. Free goal setting guide.

5. Good conversation with another blogger.

6. A new look at your blog.

What clients have to say:

"Taylor's services change my life and blog I am so thankful. I signed up for a discovery call expecting to be disappointed. I was not disappointed.  I am so glad that I took a risk and got her Complete Blog Plan. Without her my blog would be nothing" - Riley Williams (


About Me & My Services

Taylor Stanford

Hi, nice to see you wondered all the way to read to see what I have to offer. First I want to tell you a little about me and my background. I am Taylor Stanford I am a wife, a student at The University of Nebraska and a full time blogger. I decided to continue my journey and stay in college while running a business because education is important. I have been running a blog since 2012. I blogged about everything under the sun. I ended up growing that blog and learning a lot about the blogging community and how to be successful at it. I love learning and I love teaching even more  that is why I love offering my services to help other people follow their dreams. 

Prices go up in...


My Services

This Is a List of Services I offer:

  • Complete Blog Plan 
    • I will create a complete plan for you to put into action on how to turn your blog into a more profitable business. 
    • I will explain where the holes in your brand are and how you can fill them to reach optimal success.
    • I will analyze all your social media accounts and explain where the problems are.
    • I will explain how you can fix all the social media issues to increase your blogs profitability.
    • The plan for you will include how you can reach your target audience most efficiently. I
    • The plan will include how you can launch any product you have in production.
    • The plan will include a social media plan for you of optimal times and places to post your content or share your services.
    • The plan will include possible email opt-in ideas that will help you connect to your target audience to increase profitability. 
    • The plan will also include the best times to blog for your audience and how often you should post new content.
    • Cost: $250 


  • Personal Blog to Business Consulting
    • One on one Skype, Google Hangouts or phone calls or personally created presentations for you. 
    • We will go through everything you would need to do to design a brand for your blog, master social media for blogging, grow your email list, a killer newsletter, monetize your blog, and create a product or service that will earn you passive income. 
    • This will be totally tailored to you and your blog or business. 
    • Cost: $90 per hour session or $400 for 5 hours. 


  • Personal Social  Media Consulting
    • One on one Skype, google hangouts, or phone calls.
    • We will create a social identity for your blog. 
    • This will help you increase traffic and raise your profitability.
    • This will help you increase your credibility as a blogger and business owner.
    • This will raise the amount of interaction your blog has with readers.
    • Cost: $85 per hour session.


  • Personal Blog Branding
    • One on one Skype, Google Hangouts or phone calls.
    • We will create the perfect brand image for your blog. 
    • This will bring you more clients and traffic.
    • Cost: $85 per hour session. 
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