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I was interested in the journey the entire time. I loved the lists that Mighty made in his head and the humorous parts. Seeing the descriptions of the pictures helped me visualize things in my head. Overall, I thought this was a very cute and humorous story that I enjoyed from beginning to end.


I found quite a few lines which were really hilarious, but I guess my favorite of all is, “I learned that it’s best not to get into arguments, debates, or quarrels on a spaceship because once you start arguing there’s no way out. Literally.”

Mighty is outspoken, dreamy, and reckless while Brennan is quiet, logical, and calculates his actions. As they were trying to build a rocket, I identified with Mighty’s frustration and when they went to Jupiter, I felt both Mighty’s bravery and excitement and Brennan’s eagerness to stay logical despite these strong emotions.

Overall, I think this is a really hilarious and humorous (in a really good way) story. It’s also very creative and because of that, it is worth the read for both cat and non-cat lovers.


First, I very much liked the idea of speaking cats. They were so lovable and curious creatures in the book. The story was entertaining not only for children, and with good pacing. Narrative style flows nicely and the text created lots of pictures in my head. I enjoyed it very much, although as an adult I find books for children often quite boring. What I most liked about the book, was to hear how (humanly) cats are feeling, thinking and lists(!!); this part was really fun.

About the author

Alexis Cleoford

Alexis likes to experiment with language and loves to put a smile on her readers' faces. She has been writing middle grade comedy and young adult books since 2015. She enjoys traveling, thinking, and helping animals.