Have you ever wanted to start your own blog, but you have no idea where to begin?

Are you tired of searching around the web to find the answers to your Blogger questions?

I felt the same way!

When I first started Creatively Lauren as The Arizona Prepster, I searched Google for every answer. Blogger is a great starting platform for blogging, and there was no place that had the basics of Blogger. What may be easy to some, may not be easy to all.

I wanted to put together a free course that shares the basics of designing a blog on the Blogger platform. I wanted to be able to walk new bloggers through the platform and be able to help them set up their own blog easily.

Let me help you!

In this five-day course, you will learn:

  • All of the Bloggers basics, all of the settings and what they mean
  • How to design a template using the template editor
  • How to use the post editor
  • How to use gadgets, and how they can enhance your blog
  • Extra HTML to enhance your blog
  • How to use simple CSS to tweak your template to your liking

5 Day Course

Lesson 1

In the first lesson, we will be going over the basics of Blogger, going through every nook and cranny.

Lesson 2

In the second lesson, we will be going through the Blogger template designer and designing a Simple template.

Lesson 3

In the third lesson, we will be going through the post editor and creating our first post!

Lesson 4

In the fourth lesson, we will be going over all of the gadgets, as well as the HTML that I use on my blog. 

Lesson 5

In the final lesson, I will be sharing all of my tips and tricks, as well as extra worksheets for you to work through after the course is over.

Your Instructor

Hey there! I'm Lauren and I'm the creator of creativelylauren.com. I'm currently wrapping up my senior year of college, and looking to help others begin their blogging journey. I'm a big believer that everyone should start a blog, and no, you don't have to turn it into a business! I want to be able to help everybody start their blog.

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