If I had a dollar for every time I've heard that...let's just say I wouldn't be driving a Mazda.

It's a common quandary. You're tired of what you're doing and something's gotta give. You've thought about starting your own business a thousand times but you just don't know wtf you could possibly do.

Sound familiar?

I spend a loooott of time talking with want-to-be (not to be confused with "wannabe" - that term has a negative connotation) entrepreneurs in my line of work. Most of them have the intelligence, the work ethic and the motivation...they just don't know what they want to do.

If you have a Facebook (or if you've not been living under a rock) you've seen the sudden rush of people selling everything under the sun.

  • Lularoe 
  • Pampered Chef
  • Scentsy
  • Younique
  • Essential Oils

I could go on for days, but you catch my drift. 

You may want to straight up off yourself when you're just trying to watch videos of dogs but your entire newsfeed is cluttered with scent warmers, patterned leggings and girls writing on their faces with sharpies...but these people are onto something. They're making money on their time, in their own home, possibly in their underwear. 

I can probably pretty safely assume that this is something that sounds appealing to all of us, but multi-level marketing isn't for everybody (and that's okay). For the rest of us, the first step to making money on our own is coming up with a solid business plan.

The initial brainstorming sesh when trying to come up with a business idea can be confusing, overwhelming and downright "I think I may shit myself" scary. Starting your own business is putting yourself out there to the extreme. At least if I fail miserably at selling 3D mascara I can shift blame and say "well that junk just sucked, not my fault." You have a lot more skin in the game when you're building your own unique brand from scratch, so coming up with a good idea is extremely important.

Brainstorming is SO much easier when you have a guide. And I've developed the ultimate 10-page dream business brainstorming workbook to help guide you through the brainstorming process. It is 100% FREE and will be sent directly to the email address you submit below...so check it once and check it twice! :) 

This workbook will help you figure out the following:

What Should I Do?

Harness skills that you already possess and use them as the base for a profitable business plan. 

Who Is My Customer?

Dig deep into who could benefit from the products/services that you're offering and develop a detailed customer profile.

What Should I Charge?

Set income goals and learn how many hours/how many products you'll need to work/sell per month to meet your goals.