"One of the Best Books for the Cancer Journey!"

When someone you love gets diagnosed with cancer...

What do you say?  What do you do?  What do you NOT do?  These questions and many others are answered in this book.  The answers come from real life, learned in the trenches and valleys of fighting cancer and learning to love through it. 


How a Tragedy Can Turn Into a Triumph

Read about the author's journey with cancer.  Within 2 months, his dad and new wife were hit with stage four cancer.  Learn how they are overcoming it all.

How to Understand What Cancer is and How it's Treated

Understanding the basics here will be invaluable in helping a loved one who has cancer.

How NOT to be One of the Many Well-Intentioned Dragons

Learning what not to say and what not to do is as important as learning positive ways to help.

How to Really Help Your Loved One Through His or Her Journey

Rather than pull away, you will learn how you can confidently press in to help your loved one.  You have more power to help than you think!

An Easy and Fun Read!

The book is chalk-full of stories from Joel and Rebekah's journey, some tragic, many hilarious, as they encounter dozens of well-intentioned dragons.  

Meet the Author

Joel Hughes is a husband and father.  He is the author of In Your Corner (coming soon)co-producer of the movie A Brave Hope, and director of Rebekah’s Hope.  He holds degrees in Christian ministry and philosophy.  Joel lives in Southern California with Rebekah and his two kids. 

Meet the Inspiration

Rebekah and Joel were married in 2013.  She is a co-founder of Rebekah's Hope, the focus of a full feature documentary, A Brave Hope.  Rebekah is currently working on a book, Clothed With Strength, chronicling her life, faith, and journey with cancer.  

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