Life is hard enough. You don't need an inner critic scrutinizing everything you do.

What this free 5-day email course will teach you

Do you ever feel discouraged by the thoughts in your head? Do you speak to yourself in a way that you would never speak to others? Maybe you beat yourself up after making a mistake. Or you pick apart your flaws in the mirror. Perhaps you call yourself names.

Well, enough is enough.

You deserve a healthy, loving relationship with yourself. And the way to get that is by conquering your negative self-talk.

Imagine your ideal level of self-love and the sense of peace that comes with it. This is how you can achieve it:

  • We are going to explore all ten of the unhelpful thinking styles - these are the difference voices that your inner critic uses.
  • You will learn the awareness and mindfulness it takes to recognize when these thought processes come up.
  • Then you can stop it and replace it with the compassionate, kind thoughts from the exercises I provide. We're not just removing the negative, we are also building a new, healthy habit into your life.
  • I even address common mistakes and questions that come up during this process. Everything you need for success is here.

I live with mental illness and have experienced the life-changing power of conquering negative self-talk for myself. With this power, we can increase your happiness and well being and your self-esteem is going to soar.

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