More Than Just A Food Tour

Take a walk in our beautiful city, sightsee the gems of our most cultural communities, and eat some incredible food while you make new friends. We connect you with our history, our food, and some great company!


Connect with local foodies just like you! Trade stories, food favorites, or simply pass the salt.


Taste some of Toronto's most unique creations, and hidden gems in the heart of our communities


Walk through a  piece of history in our guided historical tours


Family day out? Bringing tourists for a visit? Take an iconic tour and have fun with Cravin Foodies


Itching to try something new? Be like the wind and pick a themed tour to wow your senses


Bring the community together through food, enjoy the company of great people and have a laugh over a wonderful meal

We Look For The Good Food, So You Can Enjoy It

Cravin Foodies is working hard to bring Toronto an incredible Food Tour Experience. Connecting people who have a passion for eating well in good company is a great drive, and we want to be at the forefront.

With a mix of cultural and historical guided tours, we want to bring you into the heart of our city's culinary hotspots and experience the great tastes we can offer on this side of shore. 

Our Teachers Told Us To Never Stop Learning

Growing up it was common to hear that you should learn something new everyday. So that's what we'll do! Each of our tours is specially designed to allow us time to show you some of our city history along the way. Learn something about the communities you tour, the foods and their origin, and eat something good while you're at it!