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Steadman's Blind, a thriller to parallel Nocturne In Ashes

Chief Deputy Randall Steadman knows how to read people, making him tough to face in the interrogation room. He learns the hard way the same tactics don't apply at the poker table.

Watching the last of his money disappear in a pile of plastic chips, Steadman thinks it can’t get worse. That’s when disaster strikes, spinning him off on a quest to catch a killer and protect an innocent girl, aided only by his new and untried partner, Detective Cory Frost.

Extortion, a deadly volcano, and a triple homicide mark the beginning of a long and winding road for Steadman and Frost. If you like a story full of twists and nail-biting suspense, Steadman’s Blind is what you’ve been waiting for!


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A FREE copy of Nocturne In Ashes!

Though Steadman's Blind can be read as a stand-alone, it intertwines in a few spots with Nocturne, so reading one adds to the fun of reading the other. This bonus will be delivered to you after you pre-order the book and forward your receipt.

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A video virtual tour of Steadman territory

I take you with me on a video tour of the book's setting, with commentary and snippets from Steadman. You also get a peek into how Steadman came to be! This bonus will also be delivered after you order and send in the receipt.

Third Bonus

An additional short story featuring Steadman and Frost

After you read Steadman's Blind, you'll want to spend some more time with Steadman and his partner, Frost. You'll find the story in the back of your special pre-order edition, delivered Nov. 19th.


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Advance reader

“Joslyn Chase books make me want to keep reading and I can’t wait to get back when I’m forced to take a break. I liked the crossovers between the two novels.”

Advance reader

"Joslyn Chase knows how to write suspense! I was on the edge of my seat half the night."

Advance reader

"Tension is excellent through every moment of this. This was a delight to read!"

About the author

Joslyn Chase loves suspense fiction. She writes mysteries, thrillers, historical suspense, and the occasional horror story.

Joslyn's love for travel has sent her riding camels through the Nubian desert, fending off monkeys on the Rock of Gibraltar, punting on the River Cam, and hiking the Bavarian Alps. But she still believes that sometimes the best adventures come in getting the words on the page and in the thrill of reading a great story.