We’re constantly told that we should honor our mothers, but what do you do when she repeatedly behaves dishonorably?

Many wounded daughters cope with maternal abuse by venting to others, blaming yourself and believing that things will get better if you just try harder and do whatever she says.

Deep down, you know that these things don't work and now, you’re trapped inside the resentment of being unheard.

What has been the cost of not addressing your pain?

How does it impact your ability to love and thrive?

If you’re exhausted by the self doubt and anxiety around your mother's behavior, I have an opportunity that will transform the way you feel about yourself and the relationship.

If you’re scared of becoming your mother, or hurting your children the way your mother hurt you, this space will provide a non - judgmental space to review and recharge your parenting.

With UK Mothers Day around the corner, I want to provide you an intimate sista space for connection, healing and empoWOMBment.

On March 10th 2018, you're invited to a 6 week mastermind to help you heal from the impact of maternal abuse. Each week there will be a live web class followed by an empoWOMBment sista circle.


Week 1: EmpoWOMBment vision board workshop.

One of the most devastating consequences of maternal abuse is loss of self. Your identity has become an extension of your mothers all consuming needs. The first stage is to redefine your values and set the intention to step into the sista you've always wanted to be.


Week 2: Journaling to heal:

Writing is one of the most powerful ways to really get to know thyself. This intensive will provide the tools and strategies to feel on paper and build racial intimacy.


Week 3: How to manage your emotions:

Living in any abusive environment whether it's your mother or under the system of racism will have a negative impact on the way you treat yourself.  This session is all about understanding your feelings and needs, then honoring them with a daily practice for processing and gaining valuable incite.  


Week 4: Slavery, narcissism and intimacy.

In this session we’ll explore how slavery and trauma has created generations of narcissistic mothers. We’ll also explore it's impact on our early attachment process and the challenges of loving our own as adults.


Week 5: How to set boundaries.

This has to be one of the most frightening but also the most liberating part of healing from maternal abuse. You’ve set the intention, learned about your emotions and how to feel on paper. You understand the bigger external picture of the oppressed black women, and now, this is where you learn how to show up for yourself as a grown arse women.  Instead of shrinking into your frightened, powerless inner child, your adult will begin to emerge and reclaim your life by being clear and taking action on what does and does not work for you.   


Week 6: How to be a compassionate mother.

This intensive is all about loving on your family from a new place of empathy, compassion and self awareness. In this final session, I share my experience, strength and hope to being consistent in your growth so you can give your children the roots and wings to thrive as adults. 

You now have 2 choices.....

You can stay on the path of pain and anxiety, hoping for a different result?

Or you can try the path of empoWOMBment. Still painful, but built with a supportive village, signposts to black self respect and your divine, feminine healing.

Are you ready to start living in the solution or remain struggling in the fear?

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Be the change you deserve! 


'I'm Scared of Becoming My Mother,' Webinar.

In this 2 1/2 Hour intensive, we'll explore the mother wound, how to break the cycle and what you need to do to transform the  relationship. 

A 50 min 1 on 1 empowerment session with me.

Guest speaker (subject to availability.) 

Private Facebook group (ongoing after the mastermind)

Your Host: June Allen

June has been on her personal journey of discovery and service to the community for many years.

She has been in 12 step recovery since 2009, working through her own behavioral addictions and doing service for other people of colour around racial sobriety.

June also passed her Foundation Psychotherapy studies with distinction and is fully committed to empowering the community with her work as the training continues. 

As a racial wellness educator, June has been featured on Dr Stacey Patton's website (Spare the Kids) and is a regular guest on the C.O.W.S (Context of White Supremacy) radio program with Gus T Renegade. 

FAQ: What support will I get after the mastermind?

This is such a tender topic and ongoing support  is an essential part of the healing process. The Facebook group will reman open for ongoing support and anyone requiring 121 support can schedule a call with me here.

Reflections and Bill of Rights.


Black mothers who have not healed from the past are destined to recycle  it.

A mother's denial of her own pain, also robs her child of the ability to experience maternal empathy.

There's a difference being loyal to your mother and being loyal to the wound.



I have the right to speak my truth. 

I have a right to live in my own values . 

I have a right to say no when I feel unsafe or she violates my values.

I have a right to dignity and respect.

I have a right to honor my own priorities.


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Always consult your mental health professional.

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