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Testimonials from Course Alumni, all names have been reserved for confidentiality purposes.

Hey Toyin, just wanted to drop a line and say thank you! Since taking your course, I’ve started thinking more long-term and being more responsible with my money. I have stopped impulse buying (especially on food and clothing)- hahaha! I’m also using the budgeting app you recommended and that has been helping me organize my income and spending habits while I’m on the go. I don’t feel like I’m a lost cause anymore!!!!<--BIG DEAL. This debt will be paid off a lot sooner than I thought possible, thanks so much!

- Course Alumni

My biggest concern was about making consistent payments toward bringing down my debt because my income was very low and not fixed. What helped me the most was learning how to increase my income: using my skill sets and talents to provide services that generate extra cash. It takes work of course but I’m beginning to see the gap between the payment amount and what I earn close. Thanks so much Toyin!

- Course Alumni

Before I started the Get Out of Debt Plan, I felt completely hopeless. I didn’t know where to start and everything seemed to be so overwhelming. Since taking this course I feel much more confident in reaching my goal to be completely debt free. I feel relieved and even excited for what the future has in store. This plan has played a great part in helping me not only dream again, but believe those dreams will actually come true.

- Course Alumni

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