Discover your ayurvedic type


Discover your ayurvedic type + learn how ayurveda can help you optimise your lifestyle for YOUR unique body+mind constitution!

In this 5 day email challenge you will:

  • discover what ayurveda is 
  • learn what a dosha is
  • get ALL the deets on the 3 doshas
  • discover how the doshas behave in balance and in disbalance
  • find out how the 3 doshas combine into 7 body+mind types
  • learn how unique you are!
  • discover your ayurvedic type

How does the challenge work?

After you sign up you will get an email from me asking to click to confirm your subscription. After your confirmation you will immediately receive the first email of the challenge *ping!*. 

For 5 days I'll be in your inbox with an email related to this challenge. In every email I give you a short 5-10 minute video to learn ALL the things. Annnnd after completing the videos you get a FREE workbook! Woo!