Let's Celebrate the Beautiful Planet that We Live On!

Enter to win a free $150 Print of your choice.

This contest is being held in honor of Earth Day.  

 The Winner will be announced on April 22nd.

You can choose from my selection of available prints at www.samanthakaplanart.com


Why am I Hosting this Contest?

Hello, my name is Samantha Kaplan. I am an abstract landscape painter who strives to create paintings that celebrate the beauty and forces that exist in nature. I believe it is extremely important that we celebrate and cherish the beautiful planet that we live on. We have an amazing planet and it is our responsibility to honor it and do whatever possible to protect it. As a way to bring awareness to our beautiful planet, I am giving away an $150 print of one of my paintings. 

"Sammy's painting has added a sense of serenity to my living space and serves as a small reminder of the natural beauty in our world"

- Sara Pantel (Collector)

How Can I Increase My Chances Of Winning?

I am so glad you asked!

  1. First you need to sign up and provide your name and email address (We promise your email address will be safe with us). 
  2. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram.
  3. Promote the contest on all of your social media channels.  Each time you promote the contest, you name will be re-entered into the bid, which will continue to increase your chances of winning. Use hashtag #EarthDayArtContest and tag me @samanthakaplanart.

What Else is Included?

You will get access to my 9 Step Guide to Living a Happier, More Fulfilling Life.

Inside this guide you'll find: 

-  The small daily practices you can incorporate into your life to make each day happier and healthier

- How you can make your home a relaxing, stress-free zone that you love 

- How you can live each day to the fullest



You will get the opportunity to win a free 4 class pack of virtual yoga sessions with the amazing Caitlin Pickett (a $220 value).  

These yoga sessions will help you: 

  1. Improve your flexibility, posture, and balance
  2. Sleep better and have more energy throughout the day
  3. Reduce any stress or anxiety that you may have 


"I am really happy that I have gotten to experience such a great Yoga Instructor that has helped me get into a new healthy way to move my body and grow my mind! Practicing yoga with Caitlin Pickett is easily one of the best choices I have made so far this year and one I will continue to stick to!”

- TrishaMarie Health Coach

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