This 4-part video course will cover everything you need to know to start flipping your own class.

Flipping 101

  • What is a flipped class?
  • What does a flipped class actually look like?
  • Why should I flip my class in the first place?

All About the Videos

  • How to make them
  • Where to find them

Even tech beginners can do this!

Accountability Talk

  • Student anchor charts
  • Student self-reflection


Putting It All Together

  • Sharing videos
  • High-tech tips
  • Student voice
  • Including parents


Sally Osborne

Hi! I'm Sally Osborne, a 4th grade teacher in Texas. I love using technology to redefine what teaching and learning looks like in my classroom. I have over 10 years of teaching experience, from pre-k through 5th grade. My master's degree is in literacy instruction, but over the last 5 years I've been creating a new digital self-paced math workshop model that's allowed me to achieve amazing results with my students!