Beat Your Anxiety With The FREE Anxiety Guide

If you’re tired of going in to situations that make you so anxious that you just want to avoid them forever, THIS is the guide for you. In this short and sweet guide you will learn how to challenge anxiety in small bite-size pieces, making it more manageable.


What you’ll learn

Ever do something you were WAYYY too anxious to do and you just ended up a hot, shaking, stuttering mess? Well, that’s because you most likely dived right in the deep end and now I bet that situation just seems more terrifying because of your bad experience... Am I right?! This guide will give you ideas on how to make those terrifying situations much less terrifying.

You will learn how to tackle your Anxiety step-by-step instead of facing it head-on. 

While this guide has been written with Social Anxiety in mind, it will work with any kind of Anxiety! 


I have created two free anxiety worksheets for you, which come with your Exposure Challenge Guide. The first worksheet is an Anxiety Ladder which will help you list the situations that you’re anxious about. The second is an Exposure Worksheet that you will need to use every time you do a challenge or enter one of those feared situations.

The second worksheet is the most important one; By doing the following 7 things you will start to see yourself becoming less anxious:

  1. The date (so you can see your progress)
  2. Your thoughts before the situation (so you can see what changes through the course of the situation)
  3. Your anxiety rating BEFORE the situation (on a scale of 1-10, 1 being not very scary and 10 being OMFG I hate this)
  4. Your anxiety rating DURING the situation
  5. Your anxiety rating AFTER the situation
  6. Thoughts AFTER the situation (like what happened, how did you feel, what is it as bad as expected…)
  7. Things you will do differently next time.

Every time you do a challenge (even if it’s the same one multiple times) fill out a worksheet until your anxiety rating starts to drop. Then when you’re more comfortable with that particular situation you can move on to the next challenge.

About the author

Kelly Jean

I suffered with a severe Social Anxiety Disorder all the way through school and early adulthood. I went from not being able to leave the house for months on end, to running a successful wedding photography business where I meet hundreds of new people every week.