My largest monthly expense outside of my mortgage was my car insurance- I was paying over $400 a month for one car’s liability coverage (not including my home insurance).

Toyin’s tips and negotiation helped me bring my total home and auto insurance bill with full comprehensive coverage to $280 each month! I am saving over $1900/year.

Dara A.

“I used to pay $330/month and after getting Toyin to help me find the best deal and negotiate with them, my payments were literally cut in half-and I still had the same car and lived in the same location.

I don’t know how she does it, but she saved me $2580/year on my car insurance!”

Joshua C.

Toyin helped me to save $925 yearly on my car and home insurance. She took me through a thorough preparation process and then negotiated with my company for only 30 minutes!

I have the exact same coverage with the exact same company and am paying $77 less every month.I can’t believe I was paying that much more just because I didn’t know how to negotiate with them.

Tayo D.

Thanks Toyin for lowering my car insurance today. You are trusted and I would definitely recommend you to anyone paying high car insurance payments.

Kemi O.