Do I need to be rich to educate my child privately?

People are surprised by this answer…NO. I have met first generation immigrants on the lowest paid jobs, unable to speak English, with children educated from the best private schools in the country. Unlike many things in life, scholarships are not means tested. So regardless of your status, everyone is entitled to apply and benefit from discounted school fees. The application process is open to all and the news gets better. Scholarship students qualify for additional means tested bursaries and educational grants funding, potentially covering up to 100% of your child’s private education for the whole duration of their study. This is equivalent to upwards of £200,000!

About the author

Claire Myers-Lamptey

I grew up in a family led by no.1 educators, my mentor being the amazing Dr Rosemary Sassoon, child education pioneer and someone who has always challenged my concept of learning, education and the world.

Following selection into grammar school, I read Human Biology at King’s College London and have worked in some fascinating companies with amazing colleagues from around the world. My career stretching from finance to human resources and marketing.

People have always told me I am a great motivator and educator, I remain thankful for these qualities. Nothing gives me more pleasure than assisting others to achieve their personal goals.

Out of curiosity, I completed a teaching diploma and have now added lecturer onto my CV and you know what..? I love it! However, I don’t think it is the qualification that  makes me a successful teacher. BUT the experience of getting my children into top private school on 3 different scholarship awards, from start to finish, within weeks not years and despite the obstacles! I use the same methods with my students now, right up to undergraduate level.

I am probably not the only mother or father to have done this and certainly not perfect or amazing. The difference is that I am open to sharing my knowledge and methods with you, in a clear and instructional way.

After recounting my ’5 steps’ to countless parents, desperate for advice on private schools and scholarships, I decided to create this cheat sheet. Follow my steps, I’d love to be your cheerleader!

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