Do you want a skill that'll give you freedom and flexibility?

You might think:


You need a degree to be a proofreader

You have to work for low pay

You need a background in editorial 


Wanna get real? None of this is true.

The truth is, you can:


Travel the world & work

Work from the comfort of home

Enjoy a flexible schedule

Start a side hustle & bring in extra cash


Hi, I'm Phon! I'm a freelance proofreader, editor and writer. I teach people how to proofread so they can create careers or side hustles that allow them to earn income and pursue their passions. My goal is to take you beyond fixing commas, and to help you keep up with the demand for trustworthy content.

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What you'll learn

  • The #1 rule of proofreading
  • An insider's look at the future of proofreading
  • How to fix the most common mistakes
  • What not to do when starting out
  • What you need to start proofreading today
  • Plus lots more!

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