4 Things You Need To Do TODAY To Get Out Of Debt

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- A step-by-step walk through of the 4 things you need to do in order to start coming out of debt right here in Canada.
- The 2 biggest obstacles that stop people from coming out of debt and how to overcome - them.
- Why having more money won’t bring you out of debt. The missing link that keeps income earners in debt.
- Case studies of 4 Get Out Of Debt Alumni who have put their debt freedom on fast forward through a simple process and how they did it.
- How to figure out exactly where you are financially so that you have a strong foundation for getting out of debt.
- How to overcome overwhelm.
PLUS a Q & A with Debt Freedom Coach, Toyin Crandell

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- Decluttered homes, decluttered minds.
- Solid spiritual growth with fruit to boot. God awareness, rooted identities. Belonging. Acceptance.
- Family restoration. Freedom from deep wounds and unforgiveness.
- Debt freedom. Increased business success.
- Courage to do things that have only been dreamed about for years, and watch them happen.
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Hello there! My name is Toyin Crandell, formerly Toyin Dada, and I help millennial women realize their purpose, laugh lots and live at their highest potential. I specialize in debt freedom and helping my clients build income in their place of passion.

I love Christmas songs in June and can skip with my hands - ask me when you see me :)