Toyin Crandell's 12Ladies Group Life Coaching

Join a unique wholistic group life coaching program that embraces, empowers and equips women who have felt stuck in insignificance for a period of time.

This accelerated, intense curriculum will help you realize your purpose and live at your highest potential. It will transform your financial, social, spiritual and mental life.

For 12 months we will dig in the trenches together. We'll weep, we'll laugh, we'll watch cocoons burst and butterflies emerge. Some people call it group life coaching. The ladies call it family. Empowering. Life changing. Strangers have become friends. Friends have become sisters. Business partners. Personal intercessors. Support systems. Number 1 cheerleaders.

If you are interested in this course, you may be feeling frustrated about where you are in life right now. 

You want a radical change in your finances, relationships, and walking out the potential, world changing ability you feel brewing inside you.

You know generally where you want to go but have no idea where to start.

I know how you feel and I have exactly the information and guidance you need to change things drastically in the year 2019.

You see, I have helped many, many women who felt the exact same way begin to THRIVE in their purpose, laugh lots and live at their highest potential.

I decided to partner with The Love Movement 4:16 and make my services available for a few women at a highly discounted rate in 2019 because I see a desperate need in so many who do not have the finances to pay for these type of professional services. This is a one-time only offer so look below to get more details!


If accepted, you will receive the best of Toyin's Life Coaching sessions, valued at over $6,200.

Our curriculum will include the following:

1. How to find your calling, as well as your passion and begin to live it out.      Valued at $497.

2. How to discover, begin and run a profitable business in line with your calling. Including teaching on getting Federal and Provincial grants and other assistance.       Valued at $997

3. The best way to get out of debt, while creating a customized "Debt Freedom" Plan just for you.       Valued at $397.

4. How to declutter your living space and mind completely within one week (no matter how much of a hoarder you have been).       Valued at $997

5. How to forgive and let go of hard hurts.        Valued at $197

6. How to handle gossip.        Valued at $197

7. 12 In Person (2 Hour) Group Coaching sessions with Toyin Crandell. (1 each month).        Valued at $2,550

Bonus teachings
8. See which relationships are worth fighting for, and then how to reconcile the ones that would be beneficial.         Valued at $97

9. If you are unmarried, how to know if the guy/girl you may end up considering marrying is the right person.         Valued at $97

10. If you are married, how to strengthen your marriage with age old wisdom passed on from generations.         Valued at $197

FREE Bonus Teachings
11. How to get courage to obey God radically.
12. How to retrieve biblical wisdom for your everyday life.


TOTAL VALUE: $6,223.00/YR


First 12Ladies: $97/MONTH or $997/YR

13th Lady Onward: $147/MONTH or $1470/YR


  • Crushed Goals.
  • Decluttered homes, decluttered minds.
  • Solid spiritual growth with fruit to boot. God awareness, rooted identities. Belonging. Acceptance.
  • Family restoration. Freedom from deep wounds and unforgiveness.
  • Debt freedom. Increased business success.
  • Courage to do things that have only been dreamed about for years, and watch them happen.
  • Become a part of a hand selected community of like-minded women from various backgrounds, industries and cities of residence.  
  • Network and partner with women passionate about becoming their best selves for the glory of God and helping each other succeed.  
  • Member-only access to the TCC 12Ladies community, gaining you access to women who are now leaders in their field with large networks and contacts. Learn from their experiences, and collaborate with the right people, elevating your success faster! 
  • Complimentary monthly online master-class workshops.  Monthly training by Toyin Crandell and invited speakers.  Take away their most important lessons and best professional and personal tips to implement into your own life. (Additional value: $1500)
  • Complimentary monthly online group coaching sessions. Exclusive access & mentorship from Toyin Crandell and other women mentors. Monthly goal check-ins for personal and professional accountability. (Additional value: $1500)
  • Life-changing 3 Day Transformation Retreat.
  • Discounted History Makers Training with Derek Schneider from History Makers Academy (additional cost).
  • Monthly TCC blog entry submission opportunities to share your story, lessons, or breakthroughs.  Add published author to your resume and develop your personal brand. (Additional value: $600)
  • Become a candidate for a "Feature Friday" submission. Announcing you and your story to our Facebook, email & Instagram community, marketing your brand, business or interests, allowing you to connect with additional like-minded women. (Additional value: $150)
  • Members only opportunity for VIP 1:1 coaching with  Toyin Crandell (reduced pricing). (Additional value: $1000)​
  • VIP invitation to private networking and mentorship events. (Additional value: $600)
  • End of year Empowered Women Celebration for all women who have completed the full program.
  • Potential to be invited into the TLM416 Collective which features visual, musical, theatre artists, authors and entrepreneurs. Have your brand, business, book or art showcased and sold at TLM416 events.


I never thought I would be able to live out some of my dreams. I’ve learned so much about who Jesus is and my prayer and devotional life has grown tremendously, I’ve written a book, participated in worship albums and helped others plan and launch their own arts projects and special events. I’ve helped establish and maintain a non-profit organization, a business, and served with other ministries that are making great impact in Canada and around the world. My heart has grown so much for my own city to be a culture that honors and upholds God’s principles. There are so many things that I’ve only daydreamed about in the past and now have had opportunity to do on a consistent basis, it’s too long of a list to write. I could not imagine ever doing any of these things on my own. I am so grateful for a chance to be a part of something like this. It was the catalyst I needed to jump-start my life in a greater way.


My name is Stacy-Ann Simmonds. I am a young, Jamaican-Canadian female, and I am one of the twelve women who were selected to be a part of this group life coaching program. I am extremely grateful for this program as I have seen and experienced an incredible amount of change. 

When I applied for this program, I was almost a completely different person. My outlook on life was quite bleak; I was nearing the end of my rope. It was as if I was stuck and the anxiety of being there – in the same place for a number of years – was driving me to a desperate, yet completely apathetic, and inactive place. I did not find joy in living; I did not enjoy building relationships, in fact, I feared them; I did not have comfort or peace in my thought-life; I was unstable, depressed, hopeless, and miserable, and I was searching for an answer.

Two days before I came across the application to be considered for the program, I prayed and submitted a list to God – a list of seven goals for 2017. Within that list, were the following two goals: to find a mentor, and to be surrounded by a group of people who would be supportive, motivating, and for me!

So imagine the elated levels of hope and excitement (which was completely rare for me, at the time) when someone forwarded to me an application to be mentored and surrounded by a group of women, literally two days later, just a few days before the extended deadline! I believe that was God answering my prayer, because those two goals are not the only goals I have achieved as a result of this program!

My outlook on life has changed drastically; I am excited for the future and for what I can achieve in the days, weeks, months, years, and decades to come! I am no longer stuck, but I am accelerating toward my purpose and loving it! I have accomplished more this year, than I have in my 6-7 years of being trapped in the same place. I am not afraid to take risks and to believe anymore; and I have joy again!

The women are wonderful and their progress inspires me to push and go after my own. I have developed friendships and connections that I believe will continue into the following year and beyond, and I look forward to building them! I have so much peace, and even when that is challenged I am not worried because I know my source and He never runs dry! I am learning how to live a healthy, sustainable, efficient, and impactful life.

The pivotal moment of change in my experience with this program has to be the 3-Day Transformation Retreat. That retreat changed my life. Even though I had been in the program for half of the year, at that point, I was still significantly hopeless and in a great deal of pain. I did not go expecting much, in fact, I was a little nervous and concerned; but looking back now, I am definitely glad I went.

The first day was the most difficult for me; I had so many walls up and they were not planning to easily come down. Without a doubt, it was a fight and a painful process, but once those walls came down and I received my freedom, I was soaring! So much was revealed to me within those three days, and I received so much.

I went home with a full heart, and even those around me could tell that there was a difference. In fact, until this day, when people who have not seen me since before that retreat see me now, they tell me that I look different! That still boggles my mind: I have changed so much that I now appear different!

I am eternally grateful to Toyin Dada-Crandell for coordinating this program and being such a wonderful mentor, teacher, and friend. She has been a great support and role model in my life over the past year and words cannot express my gratitude. Maybe if I try it in caps… THANK YOU SO MUCH, TOYIN!

- Stacy

God is going to use this course to literally transform your life. If you stay to the end and embrace the process you will be shocked at the person you become, the level of prayerful excellence you operate in, and just how far you can grow in the knowledge of Jesus Christ.

-Course Alumni

My life is completely different than anything I could have imagined before this coaching process. The way I think and behave has transformed over the years, because everything that I have been taught here is so central to knowing and living for Jesus Christ. It’s challenged pretty much every aspect of my life - from finances and relating with other people, to walking with confidence in who I am in Christ and taking responsibility in believing and living in truth. God has definitely used this process to rebuild my character. At times it was difficult, but looking back I always found it rewarding and worth the sacrifice. I am grateful for Toyin’s support, counsel and authenticity. You never feel like you’re a project or part of a system, but that you have a friend inspiring, encouraging you and running with you as you run with Jesus.

-Course Alumni 

About Me

Hey girl!

My name is Toyin Crandell, and I've always loved to share wisdom with others and see them apply it, grow and even surpass me.

I normally focus much of my time on one-on-one coaching clients but recently started a new journey with 12 women chosen from different cities, different provinces and different countries with one desire.

Love God. Realize purpose. Live at max potential.

I specialize in debt freedom and helping my clients build income in their place of passion.
I love Christmas songs in June and can skip with my hands- ask me when you see me :)

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