5 days of cooking 100% from scratch. 
Challenge begins April 24th
but the party begins April 17th.

Are you a homemaker who...

☞ struggles with cooking meals from scratch
☞ wants to save money on groceries
☞ wants to learn more about cooking
☞ works to create a healthy diet for her family
☞ desires to learn more “old-fashioned” homemaking skills

Stretch your homemaking muscles with this free challenge!

Use this challenge as way to practice cooking from scratch so you can provide healthy, budget-friendly, and delicious meals for your family.

The Challenge Includes...


Emails to help you prep, free cooking lessons, & so much more.

Live Chats

I'll be hopping on Facebook Live the week before the challenge with live cooking lessons!


Get a chance to win one of three amazing prizes! More info will be in your welcome email.

Menu Plans

I'll provide you with free menu plans, I'll shoot you an email when they're published.

Instagram Community

Use #happilyhomemadechallenge to connect with fellow participants.


Learn about this lost art and have fun at the same time!

The Challenge begins April 24th but the party starts on the 17th, sign up for the challenge today so you don’t miss a thing!

Are you worried that…

- ...you don’t have time to cook from scratch? Before the challenge begins, I’ll share links to lessons that help you make a plan so that you’re ready to go and prepared for the 24th.

- ...you aren’t a good enough cook? Practice makes perfect! This challenge is the perfect push to get you cooking, you can’t expect to become a better cook if you don’t practice!

-  ...you won’t be able to 100% follow the challenge guidelines? That’s okay, grace wins! I would encourage you to do your best to eat homemade meals and foods the majority of the day and then it still counts. ;)

- ...your kids won’t eat what you cook? Ha, I get that. My two-year-old is seriously picky and some of the few foods he will eat include frozen pancakes/waffles, McDonald’s chicken nuggets, milk/chocolate milk, and various crackers. I always suggest at least introducing the foods to your little one, they may not eat it right away but there’s a better chance they will if you continue to introduce it to them. And I know my husband won’t follow the challenge with me, he has lunch meetings at work, etc. That’s okay! Just do your best to cook most of your family’s meals from scratch.

- ...you won’t know what to make? I’ve got you covered! Coming soon you will have access to my free from-scratch menu plans! All of the items will be items from Aldi so it will be affordable and if you don’t have an Aldi near you, you’ll be able to find these items at other stores. I’ll send you an email when the menu plans are available!

If you are the primary cook and keeper of the home, this is a must-do challenge!

The Happily Homemade Challenge will help you cook healthier, cheaper, and better tasting meals for your family. Who wouldn’t want that?! And you get a chance to win one of three amazing prizes!

Meet Your Joyful Homemaker Hostess

I’m Abby, wife, mama to two boys and the blogger behind Joyful Homemaker’s Club. I’ve been a stay-at-home mom for almost three years now and I had no idea what I was doing when I first started the gig. I’ve got a handle on it...most days...and I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned with fellow young mamas. Prior to becoming a stay-at-home mom I worked at a cafe, mostly doing food prep, and at a bakery doing things like making pie crust and rolling it out, scooping thousands of sugar cookies, rolling out and cutting out sugar cookies, etc. I love working with food and I love eating food. You can learn more about me here.


Do I really have to make everything from scratch? Ideally, yes but if you hate the taste of homemade almond milk then buy some or if you want to make cookies, go ahead and grab a bag of chocolate chips. Really it’s up to you how intense you get with the challenge. If making pasta from scratch sounds like torture, grab a box of pasta but make the sauce from scratch. Make sense?

 What if we go out to eat? I’m not gonna “kick you out” if you cheat on the challenge. I totally get if you already had plans to go out to eat for someone’s birthday or something like that, that’s totally fine! What I would encourage you to stay away from is ordering take out because you don’t feel like cooking. Just for these 5 days try to refrain from last minute eating out or drive thru trips. One of the best parts of cooking from scratch is that it’s healthier and cheaper! I don’t want you to miss those benefits of the challenge.

 What if I’m a terrible cook? That’s okay!! This 5-day challenge is the perfect time to practice your skills, you’ll never become a good cook if you don’t practice!

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