Can you relate to this:

Goal fatigue

Do you set goals year after year only to beat yourself up for not achieving them?

I will be happy when.....

Do you feel continually unsatisfied because you tell yourself "I will be happy when........'. 

There must be more!

Do you feel there must be more to life? Are you stuck in a mundane or stressful routine? Do you want to feel alive again?

I get it. I've been there and know exactly how you feel. But now my life has joy and purpose and I feel GREAT!

Imagine this..........

You have brilliant success without much effort. Everything falls into place easily. Lucky things just HAPPEN to you.

You pinch yourself daily because you feel so HAPPY! When you think of your life you are content and at ease.

You wake up every morning with a spring in your step. Life has purpose and meaning. Who knew things could be so easy?

Why should you sign up to the FREE happiness resolution challenge?

It will change your focus from accumulation to satisfaction. Instead of chasing happiness it will come to you.

Amazing opportunities will pop up unexpectedly. Many of those failed goals will suddenly manifest without much effort.

You will appreciate life NOW. You won't be waiting for a happy future that never arrives. 

What will you learn?

Discover WHY happiness is important

Review your past to find out what makes you TICK

LEARN to forgive yourself for past mistakes

Complete a lifestyle audit and discover WHAT is holding you back from happiness

Decide what you NEED to stop, start and continue

Identify the 'STORIES' you have created and replace them with healthy beliefs

Accept that you are an AMAZING person with an AWESOME life

 Let what you want CHASE you

Learn to LET go

GIVE up on judging people and situations

Discover the ABUNDANCE already in your life

Learn to SLOW DOWN and live in the moment

Map out your personal HAPPINESS plan



 How much is it?

The Happiness Resolution challlenge is FREE! Yes - I kid you not!

What format is the challenge delivered in?

You will receive the 'Happiness Resolution Workbook when you sign up. The challenge is divided into 10 steps that are emailed to you daily.

How much time will it take?

The challenge is designed to be completed within 10 days. You will need to allow 10 to 40 minutes a day to complete the reading and challenges.

Hi, it's me!

Kate J Parker

I am the brains (and beauty?) behind 'The Happiness Resolution' challenge. 

I have been on a journey of self-discovery for 10 years and during that time have battled depression and discovered gratitude and mindfulness.

I am also a recovering over-achiever who was OBSESSED with setting goals (I loved SMART goal templates!). By the age of 27 I was earning a six-figure salary YET was miserable with life.

So I get it! 

I now run a website called Viva La Me where I empower women (and many men) to dream big, achieve greatness, and balance life. It is all about being the best you can be and living an authentic, joy-filled life. 

© 2016