Attention Busy & Overwhelmed, High Achiever Mommies! Do you ever:

- Feel STUCK in your present career/business?
- Have a BURNING DESIRE to do something ‘Different’?
- Feel that PROCRASTINATION is taking over your day to day life?
- Feel EXHAUSTED having to PROVE YOURSELF as a Mom, a Wife and a Business owner/Career woman?
- Have to juggle your time at WORK and FAMILY?

Then my dear you're in the right place!


Allison Lindsay

Business Psychologist, London

Harleen has an insightful and fearless approach to coaching, balancing gentleness and sensitivity with firmness when it is needed. She pushed me to explore my boundaries and really discover what is deep inside me. She helped me focus on what is really important, so that I could prioritize actions and move forward to make the changes that I wanted to make but in which I had felt stuck and unable to move. I would highly recommend her as a coach.

Silvia Navarro Herrera

Field Sales Associate at Kelloggs

Harleen is a fantastic coach! I've been coached by her and she is wonderful! I always arrived to the coaching sessions feeling overwhelmed, confused and in a rush and left the sessions with a great feeling of purpose, clarity and serenity that it was just what I needed! Her mix of visualizations, mindfulness and powerful questions took me to unknown places in my self  that allowed me to grow fast and see a confident boost in my self!

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