Guided Transitions Meditation

About Christie

I take a holistic approach aligning and harmonizing your three minds: thinking, somatic, and field mind. This method connects your inner and outer world to create a harmonious single whole.

You will learn new tools to grow your resilience, connect to yourself and draw on the resources that support your healing, growth and choice.

What Others Are Saying

Why Coaching?

Before: Some areas in your life are perfect and running smoothly, but others are rockier. You want more balance between the different areas in your life, you need to pay more attention to some of them, but you don’t get round to it.

After: All the different areas in your life – education, prosperity, physical health, mental health, relationships, contribution, recreation and spirituality – that are important to you have your attention. It feels right.

Before: You have a dream, a passion that you have postponed or don’t know how to realize, there have always been some obstacles in the way, something to be gotten through first, some unfinished business.

After: Your dream has become a concrete goal and you have taken the necessary steps to realise it. You are in your in your element, you are moving forward and are focussed. You feel well and energized. You are making healthy choices.

Before: Feelings of shame and guilt are making you feel miserable and confused, you have no one to turn to, you feel isolated and afraid. You have ignored these feelings for a long time, too long. The negative impact on your life is in your way.

After: An enormous load has fallen off your shoulders by opening up and giving your feelings a voice the air has been cleared. You feel lighter happier and freer to be who you are and do what you want. You feel and can connect with self and others.