Are you about to start college but you're nervous about the adjustment?

How to Blossom in College will help you get ready, give you tips in social settings, time management, and career building. 

I was the same way when I started college. Now, I'm almost done with my undergrad at ASU and I'm so happy with how much I have grown as an individual at ASU. 

I want to help you step in the right direction with school. College can be very intimidating, especially if you're going out of state, with no one you know there. You may even feel like you are making a huge mistake.


With the proper guidance, you can blossom and succeed in college. Let me help you with How to Blossom in College! 

About the author

Lauren Douglass

Lauren Douglass is a senior at Arizona State University, as well as a customer service agent for a major airline. She runs the blog Creatively Lauren as a way to express her creativity and help college-aged and millennial women do the same. She came to Arizona State University from Simi Valley, California and knew nobody. Now, she is wrapping up her undergrad and looking to help new college students blossom.

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