Whats in the book?

The 15 Narcissist Fallacies

- that keep you stuck in pain

A map for the journey

- away from abusive people

Outrageous metaphors

- to help cut through the chaos

Post Narcissist Stress Disorder

- an intro and survival tips

"I've only read a few pages...but I can already see that this is just what I need!" ~Alicia

"I am on my second reading. It's reassuring and helps me understand that I did the right thing by walking away" ~Chrysti

"Thanks a lot for this guide. I love it! Excellent tool in the argument with inner (and outer) critics" ~Rimma


Why I Wrote this Guide 

I wrote this guide because a lot of HSPs get stuck doubting themselves, beating up on themselves and then going round and round in a kind of analysis paralysis on how to deal with the situation.

That first "OMG what AM I dealing with here?" is a really tricky phase to navigate. And unfortunately, that phase can last a painfully long time if you don't know what to be on the lookout for.

This guide is a PDF, 42 pages and it (+ the newsletters) has a lot of content that I don't share anywhere else.